2 Ways to Create an Awesome Restaurant Menu

2 Ways to Create an Awesome Restaurant Menu

Even with everything going on, you can still design a fantastic looking menu. Here are some ways to do it!

Outdoor dining is allowed again, but indoor dining is coming along slowly. Some eateries are still closed for indoor dining even if local and state orders allow them to do so. Even with everything going on, you can still design a fantastic looking menu. Here are some ways to do it! 

How to Fold the Menu 

Folding the menu is more important than you might think. It makes your menu look smaller without sacrificing the amount of space you have for text and graphics – pointing out the items on your menu with words and pictures helps your customers understand what you have on offer. Appetizers, entrees, and desserts can all get their own subsection. Folds make it easier to flip through the menu, so think about it. Also, consider where the text and photos go during the template design phase. Be careful not to put anything on or over the fold, since that will make it harder to read. There are two standard folding options: the half-fold and the tri-fold. 

Use Custom Printing Effects 

Special effects created through custom printing really draw the eye. You can help make your restaurant menu stand out and set your establishment apart from all the others that your patrons could choose. There are five types of custom printing effects: spot UV, foil stamping, metallic inks, embossing, and die-cut. Let’s take a closer look at each of them:

  1. Use spot UV to intrigue your customers and focus them on a certain item, like a special beer or wine you are offering for the 4th of July. Images and text rendered with spot UV continue to be eye-catching when the menu is moved around. 
  2. Foil stamping adds a visually appealing shimmer and texture to highlight certain words and images. Foil stamping can be used to make your logo more impressive.  
  3. Metallic inks pop off the page such as when you want to emphasize your company or restaurant name. 
  4. Embossing, on the other hand, raises a three-dimensional image off of the page – it’s another effect you can use to emphasize your logo. 
  5. Die-cutting is also useful for designing your menu. Use it to create unique shapes on your menu, depending on what your house special is.  

Let Time Printers Help With Your Design

Whether you know already how your marketing materials should look or you want further advice, Time Printers is here to help. We service all of Baltimore, Hunt Valley, and Towson. Our team of professionals can tackle all of your questions. Give us a call at 410-566-3005 and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn for tips and to see what we have been working on and what we can do for you.

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