3 Important Reasons You Should Still Have Business Cards

With everything progressively becoming more and more digital, you don’t need contact information on a card, right? If you agreed with that sentence, you couldn’t be more wrong. Business cards are still incredibly important to business professionals and anyone looking to establish great contacts.business-cards-marketing-baltimore

Why hasn’t the business card become digitalized? Some things will always be better done in person, including many marketing strategies. Keep reading to learn why you should still be keeping eye-catching business cards on hand.

Reason #1: There’s nothing better than business cards for direct marketing

Marketing options have expanded twofold over just the last 20 years alone, but business cards are still the leader in direct marketing. Being able to physically interact with a potential business partner or client in person is still many times more likely to result in a deal or partnership than digital communication. Personally handing someone your contact information creates a rapport between you and them you can’t establish online.

Reason #2: First impressions are paramount

Business cards are often designed with you and your company in mind. It’s an extension of yourself and your business that you wish the world to come in contact with. You’re establishing yourself and your company in the mind of those you meet when you give them a business card—something that can’t easily be done online.

Reason #3: An opportunity for additional marketing

A well-designed, creative business card will be shared and admired. This not only puts a permanent place for you in that person’s mind, but if they like the design or think it’s creative, they’ll share it with other people. This is creating more connections and exposure for you and/or your business beyond that first contact.

Digital marketing has its place, but there is currently no digital means of direct marketing that can top business cards. It doesn’t look like this will change any time soon, either. Make sure your business cards are up-to-date and well designed by a printing professional, such as Time Printers.

Professional business cards in Baltimore and Maryland

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