4 Brochure Design Trends of 2022

4 Brochure Design Trends of 2022

The brochure is a classic staple of print marketing for businesses everywhere.

The brochure is a classic staple of print marketing for businesses everywhere, for a good reason! They can hold a lot of great information about your business. Not to mention, they’re easy to distribute throughout the community or to existing clients about new products, services, etc. If you’d like to design a brand new brochure for 2022, pay attention to these trends to keep your collateral current and eye-catching this year.

Bright, Clean Colors

In the past, muted hues and a more neutral color palette was the marker for a more sophisticated brand. However, in 2022, designers are trading those in for bright, clean colors and using contrasting elements to make designs pop and convey a sense of optimism.

In line with bright colors, vivid images and photographs are also gaining traction in brochure design this year. Many designers are considering both how your brochure will look printed and digitally. This, along with more sophisticated printing options, is paving the way for highly visual imagery.

Minimalistic & Whitespace Design

You may be familiar with the “less is more” concept, and brochures are no exception. This year, designers are focusing on the impactful negative, or white, space to contrast with the trendy vivid colors and images. Selective whitespace design is not just elegant, but it allows the reader to focus on the essential pieces of information in your brochure.

Hand-Drawn Elements & Illustrations

This creative trend is excellent for conveying your brand’s individuality. In past years, the market was heavily saturated with neat and tidy computer-generated graphics and typefaces. Hand-drawn images, illustrations, and text will offer a nice visual break for customers. These small personal elements will feel warmer and more artisanal than past designs.

Different Shapes

When you think of a brochure, do you think of a tall, rectangular booklet? In 2022, we’re seeing a variety of shapes and sizes! For example, square brochures, landscape orientation, as well as circle layouts. So if you’re looking to upgrade your brochures this year, don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. 

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