4 Ways To Get Creative With Fourth of July Marketing Campaigns

Marketing Campaigns

Fourth of July is the perfect time for ramping up your marketing campaigns.

Summer has arrived, bringing with it sunshine, barbecues, and a great opportunity for Fourth of July marketing campaigns. Over the years, the Fourth of July has become more than just the celebration of the United States’ independence from Great Britain in 1776; it has grown into a very marketable holiday, along the same lines as Mother’s Day or Christmas. Whether you are a small corner store or a large corporation, effective marketing efforts for the Fourth can be a blast for the community and boost your company’s image and revenue stream.  

The Trio of Colors

Nothing screams, “America”, more than the beautiful trio of colors: red, white, and blue. First and foremost, your Fourth of July marketing campaigns should incorporate this trifecta of colors and the inclusion of stars as much as possible. Whether this means handing out tasteful, eye-popping promotional flyers, hanging posters and banners around the town, or making your store’s window display one Uncle Sam would be proud to call his own, the red, white, and blue theme should reign true throughout.

Land of The Free Shipping

What better way to celebrate our Freedom than offering free shipping? Free shipping is widely touted as one of the best incentives to convert prospective buyers into happy customers. If covering shipping costs is a burden your company can withstand for this period, you can successfully deviate your business from the competition and pave the way for returning customers in the future. Incorporating promotional giveaways into your marketing campaigns is also a fun way to provide consumers with an incentive to choose your company over a competitor for now and, hopefully, in the future.

Home of The Marketing Campaigns

Many American-based companies, such as Zappos and Lowe’s, have effectively turned Fourth of July marketing campaigns efforts into big profits, and your company should be no different. Social media has also recently become an effective method of marketing campaigns for small and large corporations alike. With the ability to reach such a vast prospective consumer base with little effort and cost needed, it is easy to see why. Although, they tend to lack a certain, personal appeal that customers value that is more closely associated with printed flyers or posters. Whatever method you choose, make sure to showcase your business as one that cares about it customers and it’s country.

Don’t Forget The Kids!

Just because they may not be directly spending in your store, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t cater some of your marketing campaigns towards them this year. Simple ideas like face-painting or snacks outside of your store is a great way to get them, and their parents, to come inside. Tailoring your marketing campaigns this year towards fun activities and giveaways is an excellent way to convert prospective buyers into customers this holiday season.

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