5 Important Parts of a Summer Wedding Invitation

5 Important Parts of a Summer Wedding Invitation

Make sure the date and time are emphasized on the wedding invitation so your guests can make sure to be there for your big day.

Planning a wedding can be stressful, although all that stress will be worth it once your big day comes along. After all, it’s exhausting enough just finding the ideal date, but once you have done that, the next challenge begins: sending your loved ones a wedding invitation. A wedding invitation is an essential part of your wedding because it is what will inform all your friends and family when exactly the wedding will take place, and include all the necessary details they need for the occasion. Here are the parts of your wedding invitation though you will want to make sure you do not forget.


An important part of your wedding invitation is picking out a style for it; this includes picking an appealing font, size, and the right words to convey your message. Additionally, if your wedding has a special theme – such as the fact it is a summer wedding, you should consider incorporating that into your wedding invitation as well.

Date and Time

You already went through the struggle of picking out the right date and time, so don’t force your guests to figure out what it is. Make sure the date and time are emphasized on the wedding invitation so your guests can plan to be there for your big day.

The Wedding Venue

Your wedding invitation also needs to specify what venue or venues your wedding will be held in; this is especially important if you are having a summer wedding because it will detail if the ceremony is indoors or outdoors. That way, your guests will know where they’re going and what they should wear.


Indicating how everyone should be dressed for your wedding is another aspect to include in your wedding invitation. Your guests will want to know how formal or how casual to dress for the event, and your wedding invitation is the perfect place to tell them that.

Wedding Website

A wedding website is a place for valuable information for your guests to go to learn more about your wedding. It can include a way to RSVP, your wedding registry, and directions to the wedding venue. Thus, adding a link to your wedding website on your wedding invitation is another crucial element of your wedding invitation.

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