5 Secrets for Designing Great Looking Business Cards

5 Secrets for Designing Great Looking Business Cards

Your business cards are an essential part of branding and marketing your business.

Your business cards are an essential part of branding and marketing your business. They can be integral to any pitch, since they not only convey your brand, they can also demonstrate your creativity and mission statement through great design. You want your business cards to make a good first impression and set you apart from other businesses, so finding the right business card design can be difficult. Still, creating a great-looking business card doesn’t have to be intimidating — using some simple tips and industry design secrets, your business cards can make a tremendous impression every time! Here are some pointers for making impactful business cards.

1. Play With Shape

Your business card doesn’t need to fit in the traditional, rectangular box. A uniquely shaped business card can make you stand out at a first meeting and help to communicate what your business’s specialty is. Unique shapes don’t just tell you about a brand — they show you.

2. QR Codes Can Set You Apart

Add a tech-savvy twist to your business cards with a QR code. In addition to your contact information, mission statement, or business logo, a QR code can easily connect people to your brand. By scanning the QR code on their phone, potential customers can be brought directly to your website. This method is a great way to build brand loyalty and connect with your clientele.

3. Stand Out With Metallic Foil

Metallic foil catches the light and adds an element of texture that you won’t find on most business cards. It’s also versatile–fit a foil element to your design’s color scheme to add the unexpected to your business card design. This can also help send your message: some gold foil on your business cards can subtly communicate to potential business that your product is the best around.

4. Business Cards With a Purpose

Who says your business card should stop working after you hand them out? Multi-functional business cards are not only useful, but they can also help advertise your brand long after a meeting. Many companies are choosing to print their business cards on magnets or even coasters. This can help market your organization every time someone uses your card.

5. Unique “Wow” Factors

Be sure to make a splash with a unique business card. Opt for a transparent business card for an unexpected visual element that’s sure to make an impression. Not only do transparent business cards bring a “wow” factor to your marketing, but they are also made from plastic, so they’ll last much longer than paper cards.

Let Time Printers Help With Your Design

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