5 Tips for Designing Your Next Event Flyer

5 Tips for Designing Your Next Event Flyer

Using materials like online event pages and an event flyer will spread the word to a wider audience than just using word-of-mouth.

Promotion is one of the most critical parts of hosting a successful event. The time and investment that you put into your marketing plan will make or break the event itself. Using materials like online event pages and an event flyer will spread the word to a wider audience than just using word-of-mouth. Here are five tips for designing your next event flyer.


The most important factor to consider when designing an effective event flyer is to make sure that the text is legible. You’d hate to invest into the design and printing these flyers and find out that the information is difficult to understand. Keep your most important text and details as clearly visible as possible with simple fonts. Be careful not to overlay the text on graphics or images, which could also make it hard to read.

Important Information

Don’t forget to include the key details of the event. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the design of the flyer — for instance, choosing the colors and images. But remember that the most important detail is the information that will get people to the door. Whether you pick the top or the bottom of the flyer, make sure that the details are included and legible. This information includes the address of the venue, ticket prices, and contact information.

Visual Hierarchy

Give the most important information on the flyer the most and biggest space. Emphasizing these details will help them stick out in the minds of your readers. Plus, it will make it almost impossible for your intended audience not to get the information that they need.

Remember Your Brand

Even if you’re promoting a single event, you probably have a theme associated with it. Extend that theme and brand into your marketing efforts, which would include the event flyer. Maintain the same color scheme and other visual elements in the flyer that you plan to include in the event, to help people associate these individual elements with a singular, seamless identity.


You can never be too careful about printing. Therefore, before you send the flyer off to be duplicated hundreds of times, make sure that another fresh set of eyes takes a look at it to make sure that there are no typos in the text and that all intended elements have been included in the design.

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