5 Tips for Designing the Best Wedding Invitations

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How can you ensure your wedding invitations put your best foot forward?

Receiving a beautiful wedding invitation is so exciting! This will be the first impression they will have of your big day for many of your guests, so the design and feel of your invitations are essential- so how can you ensure your wedding invitations put your best foot forward? Here are a couple of our best tips. 

How To Design the Best Wedding Invitations for Your Dream Wedding

Pick A Theme

If you are organizing your wedding, chances are you’ve already thought of a theme for the ceremony and reception. Choosing a style and colors that match the feel of your wedding will give your guests a good idea of how to prepare, especially if it’s a black-tie event.  

Paper Choice is Everything

There are various colors and materials for paper. Depending on the style you’re looking for, you can opt for heavy cardstock, a translucent velum, or cotton paper, just to name a few. Heavy cardstock and cotton are great for invitations that last, making for great keepsakes. Velum is a thinner material, perfect for more whimsical wedding invitations. 

Say More with Less

There are many options for what can be included in wedding invitations. However, less is more! Think of the absolute essential pieces of information like who is hosting, the couple’s names, and ceremony and reception details. Any other relevant information, like directions to the reception, a registry website, RSVP card, etc., can be included on an additional card in the envelope. 

Keep Etiquette Mind

Traditionally, handwritten addressed envelopes add a personal touch. You can also have inner and outer envelopes, which keep the invitation itself clean while in the mail. If you don’t have wedding-worthy handwriting, you can consider hiring a calligrapher or use an elegant cursive typeface. 

Consider More than Invitations and Envelopes

The other elements in your invitation envelope can make your wedding invitations stand out even more. Having matching reception, RSVP cards, directions, and other pieces make your theme idea come to life. Consider ordering other paper elements at this time to ensure all of the pieces match, like place cards, programs, thank you cards, and notes. 

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