A Custom Printed Tablecloth Can Help Boost Your Business!

A Custom Printed Tablecloth Can Help Boost Your Business!

Even though the logo is the single most important element of your custom printed tablecloth, feel free to jazz it up a little bit. Add your social channels!

What’s best for your business? Trying something new. Breaking boundaries and embracing innovations might seem too bold for any small business, but it could pay off big time. Hoping for huge dividends isn’t enough – even in this unbelievable climate, it’s time to take action. 

Splashing Your Logo Front and Center 

Making a good first impression will help draw in potential customers. Smaller businesses don’t have as much name value as their larger and more well-known rivals. Even so, you can attract shoppers and patrons by focusing on logo design and making sure it is front and center. Setting up a sample table outside your place of business can be a good way to interact with customers even though mask mandates and social distancing guidelines are becoming increasingly stricter. The booth has to be an enticing microcosm of what happens behind your front doors. Pictures are more memorable than words; fast-food chains and sneaker producers take full advantage of this psychological tenet. Brand awareness is key, and the more visible your tablecloth is, the more likely your impact.  

Emphasizing the Additional Text on the Tablecloth 

Even though the logo is the single most important element of your custom printed tablecloth, feel free to jazz it up a little bit. Words might not stand out as much as images can, but proper context is necessary as well. Your company’s name, website, social media channels, and tagline should also be emphasized. Easy-to-see typefaces can make your tablecloth more attractive; just make sure they are eye-catching and concise.  

Choosing the Right Color Palette 

The color you choose for your custom printed tablecloth influences your customers. Think about the colors you’ve associated with your presence both online and in print – these are your distinctive colors and the color palette should reflect what it is you do for your clients. High-contrast colors set against plain or neutral backgrounds help your logo pop, so do your best to avoid potential pitfalls like unintentional blending or blurring. 

Deciding on the Table Type 

Yes, the type of table you select matters. Presentation is fundamental, and without it, your custom printed tablecloth won’t be as effective as you want it to be. Such styles include the following: 

  • Standard rectangle; 
  • Standard round;
  • Three-side and runner;
  • Fitted 

Despite what you’ve seen in the past, you can use more than one type of table and tablecloth at once. Plus, if you want to arrange multiple tables, then think about how to deploy the custom printed tablecloths you’ve ordered.

How to Deploy Custom Printed Tablecloths

Trade shows, cocktail parties, fandom conventions, business luncheons, rehearsal dinners, and job fairs are all traditional venues where custom printed tablecloths are on display. Right now, though, it’s unclear when these gatherings will return alongside musical concerts and fully-attended sporting events.   

Let Time Printers Help With Your Design

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