A Look at Envelope Converting

A Look at Envelope Converting

Envelope converting is a process by which envelopes are created from paper sheets or rolls.

Envelope converting is a process by which envelopes are created from paper sheets or rolls. Through a series of steps, that paper is converted into what we all know as an envelope. Since we use envelopes so often, it’s good to know what the process behind them is. Take a moment to learn about the envelope converting process and read on to better understand these amazing paper products!

Stock or Custom?

There are a number of standard sizes and types of business envelopes. Depending on the project at hand, there is likely an envelope out there that is suitable. Larger envelope producers typically make thousands, if not millions, of envelopes in one batch—quite a feat of envelope converting! They’re then either sold to commercial printers who can custom print on them, such as us here at Time Printers, or they end up in the hands of the final consumer. If stock envelopes won’t do the trick, there’s also the option to have custom envelopes converted in case you can’t find the specificity you need with what’s available. There are a few circumstances that may call for these custom envelopes. 

Full-Color Envelopes

If you’re looking into envelopes for promotional purposes, you may want to use full-color images and designs on the entire envelope. This is a great way to really catch the eye but it’s difficult with stock envelopes due to their seams, which can interfere with the application of the ink when printing on them. Instead, you can get this done with custom envelopes, which also allow you to wrap-around from one side to another for a seamless, complete look.

Choosing a Size

In some instances, you may require an envelope that isn’t of a standard dimension. This could be because you’re trying to boost your response rate with direct mail pieces so you’re testing unique envelopes. It could also just be because of what you’re sending; if the contents require a uniquely-sized envelope, using custom envelopes may be your best bet. Regardless of the reason, it is definitely possible to have uniquely sized envelopes for your specific project.

Unique Windows

Lastly, a non-standard window is possible when you invest in custom envelopes. The window is what allows part of the contents to be seen, often offering a sneak peek at what’s to be found inside to anyone who may come in contact with that envelope. There are plenty of standard envelopes out there that have typical windows that can be used to great effect, but if you’re looking to switch things up a bit, unique windows can help you step up your response rate.

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