Amazing Advice for Designing Custom Invitations

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Want something more exciting than humdrum bills and advertisements in your mailbox? Create a batch of custom invitations instead!

Got a fun event coming up? Even though the ongoing pandemic has turned life upside-down, you can still find some small spots of joy. Special occasions often call for invitations, even if the printed kind has more or less given way to their digital counterparts. Even so, something tangible is always appreciated, and snail-mail is seeing a resurgence. Want something more exciting than humdrum bills and advertisements in your mailbox? Create a batch of custom invitations instead!

Pick Your Paper Stock 

Selecting the right paper stock is the first step. Designing custom invitations can be completed by using template software. Even so, you might be limited by the quality of the paper your printer will accept. The basic human senses of look and feel provide more than aesthetic enjoyment. This sensory input helps them make decisions that could affect the turnout for your event. In some cases, you might want to aim for elegance, but in others, you could prefer adding a sense of fun instead.

Take Shapes into Consideration 

We get it: this suggestion sounds inconsequential. That said, it is more important than it seems. Typical invitations are rectangular and resemble postcards when they arrive by post. Don’t be afraid to get creative! Unconventional invitation shapes could amuse your potential guests. Laser-cutting your custom invitations might be the solution you’re looking for; ask us how!

Personalization Means a Lot

The great thing about custom invitations is that they are personalized. This means that you can tailor them to your intended recipients. A save-the-date for a wedding will probably follow a different format than a birthday invitation for a bar crawl, for instance. Legible handwriting is a big plus, especially if you and your guests have a tradition of exchanging handwritten letters instead of texts or emails.

Be Cautious about Texture

Textures are another facet of designing printed products. Since we’re talking about physical objects and not social media, the presentation of the product you end up using is incredibly important. Fancier touches such as letterpress, embossing, and debossing are fascinating ways to help make a minimalist design literally pop off the page!

Let Time Printers Assist You with Your Upcoming Printing Needs for 2021!

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