Baltimore Fundraisers: Triple Your Turnout with Fundraising Flyers


A well-designed fundraising flyer will attract anyone’s attention to your cause.

Your cause is important to you, and that cause deserves to stand out and create awareness. Using Fundraising Flyers to spread the word about your event or cause can triple your turnout and the amount of raised funds, ensuring the maximum reach and effect. It’s important to commission the expertise of an experienced printing and promotional company to design eye-catching and engaging flyers; but first, you should know the benefits of employing flyers to your fundraising event or cause. Continue reading to learn more about fundraising flyers, and why Baltimore is the perfect location for their use.

Charm City is a Perfect Channel for Fundraising Flyers

Baltimore isn’t lacking in a satisfying cup of coffee, or exceptional public services such as libraries, museums, and more. Most of these places are hosts of bulletin boards or other vehicles for advertisement—perfect places for fundraising flyers. These local outlets have become popular for learning about events, news, and opportunities via the flyers and cards they display. And the best part? It’s free!

Distributing your catchy, colorful flyers to local businesses and public bulletin boards will greatly increase exposure to your cause, and a flyer that stands out from the rest will draw attention from other flyers and result in the best results for your fundraiser.


Developing an Appealing Flyer for Your Cause

A well-designed fundraising flyer will be bold, clean, straight-to-the-point, and catch the eye of the passer-by. A flyer should be as enticing as a magazine advertisement that has jumped out of the binding and onto the bulletin board. An experienced company will know exactly how to create this effect, using a harmonizing combination of colors, fonts, and positioning to appeal to the public. Known for its artistic inhabitants, Baltimore residents respond well to attractive flyers and take interest in causes and events that show creative capabilities.


When it comes to Fundraising, Reach is Key, and Flyers are Affordable

When done properly, distribution of fundraising flyers will increase response to your cause. Flyers draw attention, create awareness, and inspire action. The more people your cause can be exposed to, the better—and with over 600,000 residents in Baltimore city alone, flyers can reach far more people than other advertising techniques alone.

Not only do well-designed flyers have the capability of greatly increasing reach, they’re also extremely affordable. Compared to buying advertisement space online or in a magazine, other popular forms of generating reach, flyers are much more affordable and can provide comparable exposure to your cause. Given the quality received in relation to the cost, flyers are a smart option for a fundraiser.


Spread the Word about Your Cause Quickly & Effectively

Flyers are great tools for fundraising when designed correctly to highlight your cause. An experienced company with a vibrant portfolio should be chosen to design and print your fundraising flyers. Time Printers is local to Baltimore, and can design the flyer you need to appeal to Charm City’s crowd. Click HERE to request a quote, or give us a call at (410) 566-3005 to ask about boosting your fundraiser today!

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