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Pocket Calendars and Other Giveaways Help Breed Consumer Loyalty

Thursday, June 25th, 2015
Pocket Calendars Giveaways

Make a Lasting Impression with Promotional Giveaways, Like Pocket Calendars

Getting customers or clients in the door is one thing. Getting them coming back time and time again is another. But, at the end of the day, a successful business is one that breeds consumer loyalty – repeat customers. In fact, according to researchers at Harvard University, it is not only cheaper to keep existing customers rather than finding new customers, but increasing repeat visits by just 5% can increase profits anywhere from 25 to 125%. (more…)

Charity Golf Tournament Booklets, Signs, and Other Promotional Material

Friday, June 19th, 2015
charity golf tournament signs

Our experienced team of graphic designers can help you create the perfect advertising materials to ensure your charity golf tournament is a hole-in-one.

A charity golf tournament can be a fun and exciting way to raise money for a good cause. But, as with any event, running a golf tournament takes a great deal of planning and advertising. Not only do you have to coordinate with the golf course and find players, but you also have to attract sponsors and donors. It can be a tremendous undertaking, but one that is very rewarding in the end. (more…)

Fraternity and Sorority Rush Shirts, Flyers, and Rush Week Advertising!

Monday, June 8th, 2015
Fraternity Sorority Rush Shirts Rush Week

“Sell yourself, sell Greek, sell your fraternity, and close the deal,” says Patrick Daley, blogger for The Fraternity Advisor. Rush shirts can certainly help.

Anyone who has ever planned a fraternity or sorority rush knows just how stressful the entire process can be. Your entire semester – the future of your entire organization – hinges on the success of a single week. And the success of your rush week hinges on several things, not the least of which is advertising. After all, rush week is very much like sales. You have to sell your chapter and convince prospects to buy into your ideals.

Rush Week Advertising: Rush Shirts, Booklets, Flyers, and More!

“Sell yourself, sell Greek, sell your fraternity, and close the deal,” says Patrick Daley, blogger for The Fraternity Advisor. (more…)

Affordable Family Reunion T-Shirts from Time Printers

Thursday, June 4th, 2015
Family Reunion T-Shirts

To learn more about Affordable Family Reunion T-Shirts and out other printing services, please give Time Printers a call at 410.566.3005

We are family

I got all my sisters with me

We are family

Get up everybody and sing

Everyone can see we’re together

Because we’re wearing Family Reunion T-Shirts…

 Okay, so maybe we switched that last line, but we think it works. Family reunion t-shirts are a great way to let people know who you are and what you are doing. And for those out of town relatives you don’t see very often, group t-shirts are the perfect way to make your group easily recognizable.