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Summer Camp Advertising

Friday, March 27th, 2015
Summer Camp Advertising

Summer camp advertising begins with Time Printers.

The time has come to call children to summer activities, attracting them to your summer camp.  Those kids need to be active and engaged; their energies need to be put to creative and constructive use.  You might think an electronic approach is the best choice, but creative use of printed materials can catch the eye more easily.

Do Camps Still Need Printing?

The simple answer to this is, oh yes.  Remember that digital advertising is stuffed with other distractions.  In fact, most people are hesitant to click on banner ads they don’t know because they don’t trust the links.  Except for a relative few confirmed safe websites you can’t trust the advertising on the Internet to be safe for computers.  Plus, people don’t go to those websites for the ads, they go for the content.  Print advertising is far less flashy, but there’s an inherent trustworthiness to it from generations of prior experience.  Parents will pay more attention to a leaflet than a website advertisement.  A well-designed brochure will grab and hold its audience’s attention better than a web equivalent.  It doesn’t disappear, either, so they won’t forget as easily. (more…)