A Brand Development Strategy for Beginners

Man with a Notepaper with Brand Concept

How will your brand represent your business?

Your brand is your business’s most valuable asset. It’s what attracts your potential clients to you and the thing that keeps your business thriving. A brand strengthens your visibility in your market and increases your customer base. If you need help jumpstarting your brand, here’s how to start.

First, Identify Your Target Clients

The best way to identify your target client base is to narrow it down. Who are you selling your products to? Who is your service for? Who can benefit from your business? If you say “everyone” you’re going to have a difficult time growing your brand.

Second, Develop Your Brand Positioning

Determine how your business is different from others and why potential clients should prefer to work with you. Write a positioning statement, which is typically three to five sentences, that captures the essence of your brand positioning. You want to grab people’s attention but ensure that you can keep any promises you make.

Third, Create a Logo

Customers need to match your business with an image. Depending on your business, your image can be as simple or as intricate as you prefer. Your logo isn’t your brand, but a way to communicate or symbolize your brand. If your logo communicates well with your target audience, then your brand will succeed.

Fourth, Build a Marketing Starter Kit

Now that you’ve established an attractive logo, it’s time to build a marketing starter kit. This means that your business needs fundamental marketing materials to get your idea off the ground. Posters and flyers are grass-roots necessities while business cards and stationery can improve your networking game.

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