Business Cards are the Key to Successful Networking

Business Cards NetworkingAs any business person knows, networking is a MUST for any company, regardless of size. Networking is a way of making meaningful connections with potential employees or employers, business partners, investors, and customers or client. However, how can you be assured that a connection you make at a networking event will last? The answer: Business Cards.

In a world obsessed with networking, business cards are essential. Many times, they may be the first encounter a potential client or customer has with your company. And without business cards, any potential connection you make is likely to fizzle out immediately after the event.

“What was the name of that guy I talked to? Who did he work for? What did he do?”

Business cards allow easily trade contact information and stay in contact with potential connections.

When you meet someone at a networking event, immediately hand them a business card and ask for one in return. This way you can follow up with them if they fail to do so with you.

Additional Business Card Tips

Make it easy to write on!

There is nothing more frustrating than wanting to jot down a note or additional information about a connection and not being able to do so because the card is too glossy. Remember, people like to write down information to help them remember who you are and what you talked about. After all, you meet so many people at these networking events, it is sometimes impossible to remember everyone without a little extra help.

Extra Information is nice!

Your company name, your name, your phone number, and your email address are all must haves on your business cards. However, it is important to add additional information, such as your job title, and any additional contact information, like your Twitter handle. The more ways potential connections have to get in contact with you, the better.

Some experts will even tell you to add your photo, because some people remember faces easier than they do names.

Make it Memorable!

If you go to a convention or networking event and come back with 50+ business cards, you can be assured that everyone else there problem has a similar amount of cards crammed into their pockets. So how can you be confident that your card stands out in a crowd of 50? How can you be confident that you have made a lasting image with a possible business connection? The answer: Professionally Designed Business Cards!

A business card is like a small brochure. It tells your business connection everything they need to know about you: who you are, where you work, and how to get in contact with you. But, like a brochure, aesthetically pleasing business cards are more effective.

Professionally Designed Business Cards from Time Printers

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