Crab Feast Tickets are a Must

Crab Feast Tickets

A successful crab feast requires planning, so it’s important to know how many people are attending your crab feast. So start selling those tickets!

Aside from the warmer weather, residents of Maryland look forward to the summer because of delicious crab feasts.

Most people don’t understand how special crab feasts are until they experience one first hand. Eating crabs is an activity, and it really does help bring people together to create a memorable experience. Crab feasts can be a great fundraising opportunity, but you first need tickets!

Attracting Attendees

A successful crab feast requires planning, so it’s important to know how many people are attending your crab feast. While the atmosphere of a crab feast is relaxed, it’s still important to set a few formalities in place, such as a guest list. You’ll need to know how many people are attending to have adequate seating, drinks and tools to crack open the tasty crustaceans. Tickets can help you keep track of your future guests.

Selecting the Crabs

When hosting a crab feast, you need to decide if you plan on steaming the crabs yourself, or purchasing pre-steamed crabs from your favorite seafood market. Buying pre-steamed crabs will cut down on some of the hassle of planning your party, but you need to make sure the market has enough crabs to feed your guests. If you want to steam the crabs yourself, you will need to plan out the recipe and make sure you have all the proper cooking devices. This is why sending out invitations for a crab feast is so important, as it allows you to properly plan how many crabs to purchase, and how much preparation time you need.

Planning Your Crab Feast

A crab feast is a special occasion, so there are several nuances to focus on in order for the feast to go off without a hitch. With how messy crabs are, you don’t want to deal with having to touch a bunch of electronics. Setting up a playlist before you eat is ideal. There will be plenty of lively banter, but nothing beats listening to music outside while attending a crab feast. Most Maryland residents can enjoy a crab feast without condiments, but you may have a few folks from out of town at your gathering. Providing cocktail sauce, drawn butter and extra old bay will be appreciated. Also, no matter how many newspapers you think you’ll need to act as a tablecloth, always get extra!

For a Maryland resident, a crab feast is almost as good as Christmas morning.

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