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Rack cards are perfect for delivering your message on the go!

As a business owner here in Baltimore, Maryland, you know that marketing is essential to the growth and sustainability of your business. Without proper marketing, you will simply not attract the new customers, the new visitors you need to survive.  The solution: Rack Cards. They are the perfect marketing solution for businesses that rely heavily on foot traffic to survive.

What Are Rack Cards?

A rack card is similar to a post card. These glossy one sheet marketing tools are designed to catch the eye of potential customers. We have all seen them before, displayed in racks in hotels, rest stops, tourist stations, and convenient stores. Small and concise, yet packed with information, rack cards are a cost-effective marketing tool that your business can simply not do without, especially if you are in the tourism, hospitality, or restaurant industry.

Rack cards are perfect for delivering your message on the go!

Rack Cards and Baltimore Tourism

According to Dr. Patrick Tierney, a professor at San Francisco State University, 65% of visitors use brochure racks during while on vacation. This is just one reason why rack cards and brochures have been proven to play a “greater role than the Internet, for example, in influencing the decisions of travelers who have already left home,” said Claude Peloquin, author of “Are Tourism Brochures Still Effective?” But this is just the beginning…

Dr. Tierney, in conjunction with the International Association of Professional Brochure Distributors (APBD), conducted a survey of 1,259 respondents in 2003.

  1. 98% of travelers on multi-day trips picked up information from brochure racks.
  2. 21% of travelers visited a business as the result of information obtained from a brochure or rack card.
  3. 12% of travelers actually changed their travel plans as the result of information obtained from a brochure or rack card.

Simply put, rack cards work!

“Over the last calendar year, we have experienced a significant increase in customers from the year before, while other businesses in our industry have experienced flat or decreased customer counts,” said Tom C. Davies, owner of the V. Sattui Winery in California. “We believe the distribution of our rack cards in the Bay Area contributed to our increased business.”

Placing rack cards in key locations in your area is a proven method for attracting new customers to your business. However, this is only true if the cards are well-designed and aesthetically appealing, which is why it is important to hire a professional printing company.

Rack Card Design and Printing Services in Baltimore

Time Printers is a full service printing products and services business located in Baltimore, Maryland. Our experienced team can help you design eye-catching rack cards to help promote your business and attract new customers. We believe it is our job to make you look good!

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To learn more about designing the perfect Rack Cards, please give Time Printers a call at 410.566.3005 or click here.  You can also connect with Time Printers on Facebook, TwitterGoogle+ and Pinterest as well.

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