Digital Printing Vs. Screen Printing

Digital Printing Vs. Screen Printing

Screen printing and digital printing are two popular printing methods available on the market

These days, many print shops are equipped to offer two types of printing, screen printing, and digital printing. Screen printing and digital printing are two popular printing methods available on the market today, but like most things, they have different strengths and weaknesses. Before making an informed decision for your printing needs, you need to understand the difference between digital and screen printing. Read on to identify the differences, pros, and cons of screen printing and digital printing.

What’s The Difference?

Screen printing consists of a printing process that uses a series of stencils to construct an image. Each color is applied with a unique stencil or screen, and the colors are layered to create a complete picture. Applying the ink over the stencil is a longer process than digital printing. Digital printing is a process that uses a computer to print the image directly onto the surface. While this sounds similar to heat transfer or applique, it is actually a process of ink application instead.


Screen printing is a suitable printing technique for images on dark backgrounds or requiring very vibrant colors. The ink for screen printing is applied in thick layers to achieve rich saturated colors. Screen printing can also be more easily applied to uneven or curved surfaces since it is hand-done. Digital printing can achieve photographic level detail with a range of colors. Digital printing is easily applied with minimal setup, allowing smaller quantity runs. 


The biggest con of screen printing is that it is very time-consuming and labor-intensive. It takes longer and is more complex than digital printing because it’s done manually. This contributes to why screen printing has a minimum quantity requirement and costs more. Since each color is applied separately in screen printing, there is often a cap on the number of colors in your image. Digital printing has its drawbacks as well. Digital printing ink is applied in a much thinner layer than screen printing ink. It is not a good choice for dark backgrounds or uneven surfaces. If you’re considering digital printing, make sure that your fabric or material is lighter and won’t dull the inked image.

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