Does Your Startup Business in Towson Need Some Printing Tips?

Follow these printing tips to develop and generate color images for your startup business.

Getting a new business off the ground is an exciting prospect. Even so, this means that you will probably need to do plenty of in-house printing to reduce the impact of this process on your bottom line. Different colors will have various factors to consider when it comes time to print images and ensure fidelity when not in grayscale.

Comparing CMYK and RGB

CMYK and RGB are not rival sports teams. They are well-known in the industry, and insiders recognize that CMYK and RGB are the names for the two primary color systems used in professional printing. The CMYK acronym means Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow – The K represents black. Traditional and commercial printing both rely on these four colors for the majority of whatever needs to be produced. RGB, meanwhile, is the acronym for Red, Green, and Blue. These standard colors are the ones that compose the light you see on a screen – whether it’s a TV, a tablet, or a smartphone!

Print Output

For the longest time, both commercial and non-commercial printing depending on and even insisted on the usage of CMYK. As always, time and technology press ever onward, as in the case of new inkjet printers that aren’t bound by this restriction anymore. Old-school printing presses and similar machines are pickier about this sort of thing, though – so be sure to account for the differences to prevent the images coming out blurry or pixelated.

The Digital Sea

Going digital represents quite a sea change in terms of what you need to remember. Digital images prefer RGB instead of CMYK. For websites and online portfolios, be sure to use RGB instead to preserve how good your pictures look. When working with experts in the field of professional printing, these tips can be a life-saver and a money-spinner to boot. 

That’s the Bottom Line

Ultimately, the color layers can be modified at your discretion. Think about what you need to print. Flyers and other handouts, such as door hangers, don’t need to be as visually impressive. Still, don’t take this fact for granted; you will want to ensure that your logo looks beautiful, and it is associated with the brand-colors that you have chosen. This reason is why CMYK still matters, and why it is so crucial that you pick and choose how and where to deploy CMYK and RGB.

Let Time Printers Help With Your Design

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