Employee Name Tags, Badges Make Them More Approachable

Employee Name Tags

Employee name tags not only help make your employees more approachable, but also further your branding efforts.

Running a successful business is highly dependent on repeat business. According to researchers at Harvard University, increasing repeat visits by just 5% can increase profits anywhere from 25 to 125%. One of the easiest ways to increase repeat business is to provide a high level of customer service from the moment a customer walks through the door until they leave. And it all starts with your employees who are, after all, the face of your business.

How Employee Name Tags Improve Customer Service

Walmart was one of the first companies to implement mandatory name tags for all of its employees. Founder Samuel Walton started this practice because he wanted customers to “get to know the people they bought from.” This one simple act instantly made Walmart employees more approachable, breaking down the barrier of communication and making the entire shopping experience more personable. Now customers aren’t dealing with random employees, they are getting help from Sarah or Paul or Allen. This has several benefits:

  1. Name tags make your employees immediately recognizable. An eye-catching uniform and name tag make your employees easy to spot in a crowd of people.
  2. Name tags make it easier for customers to gain the attention of an employee. Now they can call them by name.
  3. Name tags help put your customers at ease and make the shopping experience more personable. There is just something comforting about knowing who you are doing business with.
  4. Name tags are also helpful for co-workers who may not know everyone by name. This will help minimize awkward encounters at work and improve teamwork and productivity.
  5. Name tags even help further your branding efforts. A well-designed name tag will keep your brand and logo front and center and in the minds of your customers.

Employee Name Tags from Time Printers

Time Printers is a full service printing products and services business located in Baltimore, Maryland. Our experienced team of graphic designers can help you create visually pleasing employee name tags that not only help make your employees more approachable, but also further your branding efforts. At Time Printers, we believe it is our job to make you look good!

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