Envelopes: Why They Matter

Envelopes: Why They Matter

With all the expenses related to running a business, you might not find envelopes to be a top priority.

With all the expenses related to running a business, you might not find envelopes to be a top priority. However, your customers and clients will always notice your attention to detail and the investments you make into your business. Here is how your business can benefit from envelopes and why they matter.

Expand Your Branding

As a business owner, it’s likely important to you to find ways to expand your brand presence. This may include brochures, employee clothing, business cards, letterhead, and even envelopes. Maintaining the image of your business and finding opportunities to articulate your principles is essential to maintaining and growing your customer base. That said, print envelopes featuring your company logo or slogan and that complement your letterhead and other marketing materials help tell a complete story about who you are and how your clients will benefit.

More Opens

Envelope printing leads to more opens. It’s much more likely that customers will toss a blank envelope or ignore one from a business with only handwritten information on it. Not only do they look less professional, but they are also less trustworthy. Envelope printing gives people more confidence in your business and professionalism, which makes them more likely to open the envelope and receive the promotions or other information you want them to have. Those opens are then more likely to translate into sales for your business.


Envelope printing can do a lot of the selling and marketing for you. The printing that you choose could include limited edition products or limited-time discounts that you’re currently offering. It will entice your customers to open the envelope to learn more inside. You could also include a photo of your founder’s family or happy customers to make your company appear personable and charming.  

Let Time Printers Create Your Custom-Printed Envelopes

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