Five Essential Back To School Items For Every Student

time printers back to school itemsBefore we know it, school will be back in session! Kids anticipate the joy of receiving new pens, pencils, markers, and notebooks every year. Even if your child’s teacher hasn’t given you a list, you can’t go wrong by keeping to the essential items you are sure they will require. Here are some ideas to get you going as you begin the back-to-school process.

Consider Art Supplies

Crayons, markers, and even oil pastels will work for every child or teen, regardless of their age or level of artistic talent. They are available in large or small quantities, ranging from 152-color ultimate crayon set with sharpener caddy to washable markers in eight traditional colors. Furthermore, it would help if you also considered washable crayons for the younger family members attending grade school.

Folders To Improve Organization

What will your children use to bring their schoolwork home? Of course, folders. They come in various options and colors, including twin-pocket, tri-fold, satin finish, and fiber.

One Or Three Subject Notebooks

College-ruled or narrow, one- or three-subject notebooks are essential for taking thorough notes and being organized in class. There is something for everyone, thanks to the selection of colors and styles available when it comes to notebooks.

Pencils And Highlighters

Children will require pencils to take notes in their organized notebooks. This brings us to the most fundamental school supplies: writing instruments. The natural choice for young children learning to write is a pencil. Also, a variety of pens and highlighters will make taking notes and studying during class for your high school or college student more straightforward.

A Daily Planner

Time management is a vital life skill that every child should acquire, given the hectic pace of the school year, which will make it even more necessary to remember to pencil in study time, schedule appointments, and keep track of activities. Teach them how to use a daily planner to get and stay organized. Giving your children the responsibility and independence to manage their schedule will increase their feeling of responsibility. As always, if you want to brand your supplies towards your school, don’t hesitate to reach out to Time Printers Incorporated and we will be able to assist you with all of your printing needs.

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