Four Ideas To Enhance The Design And Appeal Of Your Rack Cards

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Utilize these ideas to improve your rack cards.

Rack cards are an excellent marketing tool for any business, but they function best when well-designed and written. Rack cards are smaller than brochures and flyers and are frequently placed on racks or carousels. There can be a temptation to stuff as much information as possible into a short space, but less is often more. Utilize the four elements listed below to produce an effective rack card.

Your Materials Should Be Appealing 

Something about your card must be eye-catching, such as the color scheme, wording, or high-quality photographs. A high-resolution image is the most likely option for bringing someone in, but attractive slogans and captions will keep them reading. Another factor to consider with rack cards is that the upper third of the card is frequently visible in the display, so your logo or name should be at the top.

Give People A Reason To Visit

Rack cards frequently include coupons because they are an excellent method to persuade consumers to return to your establishment. Coupons encourage consumers to pick up and keep rack cards, and they can be an excellent method to track how loud your cards are. You could also mention the proven advantages of your product(s) or current promotions.

Inform People About What’s Next

This is less about being domineering and directing others, generally in action. Once your rack card piques interest in your product, service, or issue, tell them what to do next. Tell customers to stop by the store, visit the website, invest in research, or do something specific in a prominent spot on the card.

Include Relevant Information

The card should include your company name, address, website, and contact information so people may contact or visit your firm. Do not presume your potential clients have a smartphone or a QR code reader; write the information on the card instead. You should also ensure the card can be identified from both sides if placed on the rack backward.

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