Handwritten Thank You Cards Can Boost Your Business

Handwritten Thank You Cards Can Boost Your Business

Read on to discover the power of handwritten thank you cards.

When is the last time you wrote a thank you card? Your wedding, possibly, or maybe even as far back as a childhood birthday? Writing thank you notes is no longer a standard part of our lives for most people, but this is also what makes it so useful as a marketing tool for business. Of course, a large part of what makes them useful is that they are handwritten – printing off a bulk pile of notes in a handwriting font will not have the same effect. Read on to discover the power of handwritten thank you notes.


Build Relationships

Sending thank you notes is a great way to build relationships with your customers outside of the simple sale. They allow you to keep in touch and maintain the connection, but in a more personalized way than a sales flyer or event, postcard does. You likely can’t send a thank you to every single customer, but you should definitely be using them to build relationships with your larger clients or repeat customers.

Stand Out From The Competition

In a world where most businesses follow up with a survey or an email, sending a handwritten thank you note will help you stand out from everyone else. You may choose to reserve them for clients or patients who refer new business to you or for those who post reviews of your business online. Either way, you’ll make an impression with the recipient and show that you’re not like the other guys.

Make An Impression

Thank you notes aren’t outdated, but they are old-fashioned in a good way. They take time and care and convey these things to the recipient. Because they’re uncommon now, a handwritten thank you note can feel even more special. They show the customer that their business means enough to you that you will take time out of your day to express your gratitude.

Simple Ways To Get Started

The best way to get started is to gather your materials in a set place and have them handy. You should have a pack of thank you cards, a nice pen, and stamps handy. If you’re shipping a product, you could just add the thank you card in the top of the box. Keep the message simple, but as personalized as possible. For instance, if the customer mentioned they were buying the item as a gift for their daughter’s graduation, mention it and congratulate her when you thank them for placing the order. The notes don’t have to be long and they don’t need to take long to write, but they can make a huge difference. A handwritten thank you note can help make your customer feel appreciated and bring them back again in the future.

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