Handy Tips for Redesigning Your Restaurant’s Outdated-Looking Menu

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May we suggest updating your old and visually unappealing menu?

Renovating your restaurant is a complicated process. When your factor in the ongoing pandemic, drawing business to your small business eatery can be even more difficult. Offering free delivery of your full menu – along with alcoholic beverages – is one great way to draw some attention away from the big-name competition around you. You’ve got to do something to convince your regulars to come back. May we suggest updating your old and visually unappealing menu? 

Pay Attention to the Way the Eye Moves 

For most people, reading left-to-right and up-and-down is the most comfortable way to absorb printed material. As such, that’s the normal orientation for most everything, from novels to magazines and online blogs. So, in other words, pay attention to the way the eyes naturally move. This motion is called the “eye scan,” and you need to lean into it. Instead of giving all of your graphic design muscle to the upper righthand corner (the so-called “sweet spot”), focus on the top left corner instead. 

Divide Up the Menu into Sections That Make Sense

After you’ve accounted for how people read, pat yourself on the back. Then be sure to divide up the new-look menu into separate sections that make sense. That way, the options you present to your patrons will be easier to digest, so to speak. Go sequentially from one course to the next – appetizers first and desserts last. The items should be arranged into small groups that won’t seem out of place or too overwhelming.

Don’t Go Overboard with the Pictures

In many cases, glossy photos can whet the appetite. However, be choosy about the menu offerings that you want to display with images. Stock images might not reflect the unique way you prepare your dishes, so steer clear of them. Play it safe with food photography.  You don’t want to make your boutique cafe seem like a mediocre national chain with a “cheap” reputation (read: low-quality food at atmosphere). Avoid going overboard, and you should be golden. 

Make the Most of Artistic Flair 

Menus are supposed to be another way to increase your foot traffic. Plus, organizing contactless menus can convince skittish diners to drop in for lunch. All you need is a cleverly-placed QR code and a set of clear instructions on how to access the link that appears after a moment or two. 

Flex your graphic design skills to their fullest potential. Illustrations are just as attractive as photographs, and with them, you can exhibit your restaurant’s vibe through a sense of fun and whimsy. 

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