How Are You Supposed to Write an Eloquent Obituary?

How Are You Supposed to Write an Eloquent Obituary?

Channeling your feelings about this experience can help you make a memorable obituary.

Creating print-ready obituaries isn’t as easy as it sounds. Before you can prepare them for an upcoming funeral, you’ve got to think about their design. Part of that process involves writing an emotional eulogy for your deceased loved one. Without a textual remembrance, it can be much harder to encapsulate the qualities that made the person you lost who they were in life. Grieving is always a tough time, but we want you to know that we will help you whenever possible. Channeling your feelings about this experience can help you make a memorable obituary. 

Straightforward Announcement of Death 

A well-written obituary doesn’t need to be hyperbolic. Obits are supposed to be straightforward and honest. Every funeral, regardless of the actual proceedings, is an occasion of sadness and confusion. Plus, these events are tinged with anxiety about end-of-life related costs and other murky financial matters. Be sure to include the person’s full name; you can also add middle names, maiden names, and common nicknames. Age, location of residence, location of death, date of death, and yes, even the cause of death can all be mentioned as well. 

Information about the Decedent’s Life

Once you’ve completed the death announcement, make sure that you describe important details and life events. Some examples of this include when and where the person was born; when they got married and who their spouse was; what hometown, schools they attended; notable degrees earned; where they worked; military service and rank should also be included if they apply.  

Important Bereaved Family Members 

The deceased person’s immediate family members need to be considered when you’re writing an obituary. In many cases, the party responsible for arranging the ceremonies will be a cherished friend – and maybe even next of kin. This approach represents an opportunity to capture and distill the person’s life story. For our purposes, spouses, children, children’s spouses, grandchildren, grandparents, parents, and siblings all count.

Details of the Memorial Service 

Obituaries can also function as an invitation to a wake or viewing before burial occurs. Even if you don’t serve as one of the pallbearers, you can state that a cremation could take place instead. At this stage, focus on details like what, when, and where. For example, visitations could happen at a funeral home. Meanwhile, the full service could be conducted at a house of worship. Family preference for quiet and private services should also be specified in the obit before it is ready.  

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