How Signs and Pennant Banners Can Influence Your Customers

How Signs and Pennant Banners can Influence Your Customers

Signs and pennant banners are a great way to spread the word about your business and make a good first impression at conventions and other networking events.

Signs and pennant banners are a great way to spread the word about your business and make an excellent first impression at conventions and other networking events. Whether you’re advertising a blowout sale or setting up a booth at your local farmer’s market, the right signage is everything for drawing in your repeat customers and reaching new ones! Banners and signs can have a sizeable impact on your marketing and revenue, so it’s a good idea to consider how signs impact your business. Here are a few critical ways that signs and pennant banners can influence your customers.

Advertise Sales and Special Offers

Effective use of signs and pennant banners can be the key to increasing your revenue during a sale or special offer event. Multiple banners outlining the details of any clearance sale or giveaway are a great way to attract attention to your offer and get people interested. Using banners can also help communicate sales to customers who might otherwise drive right by. Your signage also sets you apart from similar businesses. While you may be investing in radio and television ads for your sale, banners and signs are a crucial way to make sure there’s no mistake about where to go for the best deal.

Draw Foot Traffic

The right signs and pennant banners are vital for building a customer base as well. While you may have a loyal customer base following your brand already, plenty of people may walk or drive right by every day. With well-designed signs and banners, you can catch the attention of passersby and draw in new customers who might otherwise miss your business entirely! Not only is this a great way to bring in customers for sales, but it’s also an effective strategy for real estate open houses, tent sales, and more.

Build Your Brand

Signage is a great way to get your branding material out there. Loyal customers will be able to recognize your logo from far away to find you at an event, and passersby will be drawn in by a well-designed piece of signage. Plus, by extending your branding with the right signs and banners, you can help boost your overall marketing strategy and set your business apart from all the rest.


If you’re attending an industry convention or local business market, the right signs and banners are essential not only for communicating with customers but also for communicating with potential business partners and industry insiders. Effective signage and good graphic design can make a great first impression for your business and help you network better.

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