How the Right Business Card Makes Networking Easy

Imagine this: you’re at a networking event, talking to someone who seems as though they may be a good fit for your company. You have to move on to another part of the conference, but you want to get their information first. When you ask for it, instead of reaching into their pocket and pulling out a business card, they hurriedly scribble it down on a sticky note or a scrap of paper. That wouldn’t make the best first impression, would it? One way to ensure that you are always presenting yourself in a polished, professional manner is by ordering custom business cards.

 How a custom business card sets you apart

In a sea of standard business cards designed from templates, you want your card to show off how unique you are. One way to ensure that your card stands out is to incorporate color; rather than basic black-and-white, a card with a pop of color will be far more eye-catching. You can even utilize the psychology of color to your advantage: blue and green, for instance, are calming, soothing colors, whereas colors like red and yellow convey energy and creativity.

A custom business card can include all of the information that you know is the most valuable to your potential employers and clients. You can make sure that aside from the basic information, like your name and contact information, you can include the addresses for your various social media sites, or even a photo of yourself so that people remember you easily the next time you meet.

When working with a custom business card designer, you can decide how your card appears, even down to the smallest detail. The weight and texture of the paper, though it may not seem important, can actually convey a sense of quality to whoever you give your card. While flimsy, thin cards will show their cheapness, a thick, sturdy card will denote reliability and quality, which are characteristics you will no doubt want to portray in any business relationship.

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