How To Make A Great Impression With Business Cards

Are you an entrepreneur or an employee at a local startup? If yes, there’s a way to sell yourself/ the business. What is the big seller? It’s a stock of great business cards that convey the right business message.

When you hire a professional printing company, such as Time Printers, to design premium business cards for your business, you do not need your business cards to state everything about the history of your business.

What should be included on premium business cards?

To put it simple, information that will leave a great first impression by having the business card style complement your business mission, industry and distinctive style.

There are five business card types you can choose from: Basic cards, Picture Cards, Tactile Cards, Multipurpose Cards and Full customization business cards.

  • Basic Cards feature black ink on top of white business stock cards.
  • Pictures Business Cards include an image – your face, business logo, product or service. During a year where consumers are drawn to visuals, an image may serve better for your business than words. A splash of color is a quick way to get your business cards to be noticed as well.
  • Tactile Cards are all about the how your business cards feel to individual holders. A unique feel can help business owners and business clients alike remember you.
  • Multipurpose Business Cards can help your promote your business or self in a variety of ways. Examples: Map Location of your business, discount coupons, and business goods.

The best finish for business cards are smooth and linen. As for color, try to use at least two predominate colors.

Time Printers is here to design and produce effective premium business cards that will leave a great impression on clients and business networks alike. We keep our business cards clean and simple to help individuals and organizations alike understand your mission, products and services.

Taglines are great to apply to business cards.

Time Printers offers 50% off Premium Business Cards: 250 minimum business cards and 1000 maximum.  Print Ready files for First Time Customers only.

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