Important Printed Marketing Essentials for Startups

Starting a new business in 2016? One of the many things to be considered for your new business is what printed materials it will need. This can range from business cards, to letterheads, to flyers—many startups need a lot more printed marketing essentials than they realize.Professionally Printed Brochures

Make sure you don’t miss these important printed marketing essentials for startups.


Brochures are not limited to businesses selling products; they can also sell services. They are important in the beginning for getting your name and logo out there and making potential customers aware of your products or services. Brochures can be mailed out, handed out, or positioned in an office for current and potential customers or clients to grab on their way out.

Flyers and Newsletters

When running promotions, sales or events, the best way to get the word out in the beginning is through flyers and newsletters. Once you have established a solid customer or client base, they will return to your website or store to find out about the latest events and promotions. However, startups need a way to get the word out about their events before establishing a solid customer base, which flyers and newsletters can easily accomplish.


Postcards are especially handy for local startups. They can notify new potential customers and clients of the services or products you offer, while they can also be used to notify both current and potential customers and clients of events, promotions and sales. Big companies still use these due to their continued success, and they are just as useful for startups.

The most important thing to remember about all three of these printed materials is they must be well-designed, catchy, easy to read and appealing to have the desired effect. A high-quality, professional printing and design service, such as Time Printers, should be consulted to make sure your printed marketing essentials turn out a success.

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