Knowing The Industry: What’s The Difference Between Offset And Digital Printing?


Choose the job that’s right for you with offset or digital printing!

The printing industry is constantly changing, growing, and taking on new technological facets in today’s ever-changing world. There’s a big difference between conventional and digital printing, but both methods deliver a similar, professional-grade tangible product. Conventional printing involves the process of layering ink with a variety of rollers. Each roller is a different shade, i.e. cyan, magenta, yellow and black, that when layered on a printed page produce images, text, and colors. Have you ever clicked cancel in the middle of a print job? If you take a look at the corresponding printed page, the line where it cut off will house solid yellow, black, magenta, and cyan lines. Color Layering is a hallmark of offset printing. Digital printing, however, eliminates this complicated color layering process by applying ink in a single layer from a single ink head. Depending on the printing job you need, both offset and digital printing have their benefits. Fully understanding these print jobs will help you make the best decision for your individualized, printing needs.

The Benefits of Offset Printing

Offering the best quality, high resolution printed material, offset printing will have those professionally-done wedding photos looking clearer than they did on the camera itself. Highly versatile, a traditional print job can be done on almost any type of paper. With advanced color accuracy, a job done right will yield crystal clear images on cardstock, brochures, envelopes, wedding invitations, event materials, business cards etc. If your project is high volume, offset printing may be the best option for you because the cost per paper is far less.

The Benefits of Digital Printing

If you’re in a time crunch and need those necessary printed materials as soon as possible, digital printing ensures a speedy delivery.  Incredibly fast, digital printing is commonly used in the commercial sector. Used to print materials such as IDs, if you need a low volume job done right this may be the most cost-effective option for you. Allowing for the unique customization of text, images and colors digital can be incorporated in your print job without slowing it down. This is especially useful if you need printed products for a diverse marketing campaign. Is your company setting up shop at a local community event? Get your name out there quickly by mass printing company brochures, business cards, and informational packets.  

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