Last Minute Ideas for Father’s Day Cards and Gifts

Last Minute Ideas for Father’s Day Cards and Gifts

Father’s Day is here and if you still don’t have a gift, you’re likely not alone.

Father’s Day is here, and if you still don’t have a gift, you’re likely not alone. Remember that just because a gift is last minute doesn’t mean it can’t be heartfelt and impressive. There are many cool paper crafts you can make that become beautiful treasures. Read on for some last minute Father’s Day gift ideas, as well as some plans for the perfect Father’s Day card to go with them.


One of the easiest paper craft gifts is a simple DIY silhouette. Choose a photo (or take one) of your kid and set the contrast as high as you can before printing it in black and white. Cut out the outline of your child and use it as a stencil to cut the same shape out of construction paper. Glue the silhouette into a frame over a background like a page from a book or an old map. Most silhouettes are a profile of a person’s head, but you could also consider doing one of you and your dad together or your dad with your kids.


Another cool paper craft gift involves creating bookmarks out of pictures of your kids. Take a photo of your kids (or yourself) hanging from the monkey bars. If you don’t have any monkey bars around, a picture of them with their arms up like they’re hanging from a bar will also work. Print out the photos and cut them out of the background. Laminate them or cover them in contact paper, then punch a hole and loop ribbon through so that it looks like they are hanging on to the fabric.

Personalized Books

Design and compile a book of memories or recipes or anything else your dad would like. There are many sites online that will allow you to do this and then they will print and ship it to you, but you don’t even need to get that in-depth. You could get a scrapbook from the craft store and fill it with things that your dad will love and treasure.

The Card

Complement that great gift with a thoughtful card. It is easy to neglect cards in this day and age since much of our communication is instantaneous and digital. For events and celebrations, however, a physical card provides not just a heartfelt message but a keepsake for the recipient to hold on to; while there is nothing wrong with commercial greeting cards, you also can never go wrong with a sweet message handwritten in a blank card. Think about all the things that your dad means to you and express it in a way that he can appreciate.

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