Let’s Make Your Brand Book As Stylish As Possible!

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At first glance, you might be confused by what the term “brand book” is supposed to mean.

At first glance, you might be confused by what the term “brand book” is supposed to mean. We’re here to prove that it isn’t a riddle wrapped around a puzzle and sealed in an enigma. Business owners, marketing managers, and graphic designers must collaborate to make this project a success. Once you’ve achieved brand awareness, the next step is to build brand recognition. This task can be even more daunting if you are in the midst of a rebranding campaign! 

What Are Brand Books? (Style Guides) 

Brand style guides relate to the identity of the company that created them. Without these guidelines, branding efforts would turn into a chaotic mess. This situation doesn’t benefit anyone, least of all your business. Although it’s easy to assume that these rules are only applicable to the marketing team, that is a  misconception. Every aspect of customer interaction or client-facing communication depends on these guides. Everyone who joins the company should be well-versed in the style guide, and if it isn’t a standard part of your onboarding package, then it should be!

Why Should You Create One? 

Now that you know more about what brand books are let’s talk about some good reasons to set one up. Consistency is, without a doubt, one of the best ways to assure your customers that your company can be trusted and taken seriously. Plus, it’s a quicker way to make a name for yourself, as it were. Work cultures and work environments are changing. That evolution has been spurred on by working from home due to the pandemic. But the post-pandemic world is coming, and that means another paradigm shift is coming. Don’t be lost in the noise – getting ahead of the curve now will help your bottom line later on. Plus, it maintains or boosts employee morale. Your coworkers and colleagues are what make your business or agency tick along. Everyone – from boutique retailers to giant corporations – should follow this advice.  

Some of the Fundamentals

Your brand book should emphasize some key elements of your organization. Some of them will be rather self-explanatory: the vision, the mission, and the values you want to associate with your business. Then, create user personas to help you define (or redefine, as the case may be) your target audience. Last but not least, don’t ignore the logo. Refreshing the iconography and colors from time to time helps a sports team, so why couldn’t it help you?

Let Time Printers Assist You with Rebranding Your Business for the Rest of 2021!

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