Why Market Your Business with Custom-Printed Door Hangers?

Why Market Your Business with Custom-Printed Door Hangers?

One way to boost your business you might not think of, however, is to use door hangers.

Consider everything you’ve ever used to market your business and get your name out there – email lists, social media alerts, or even membership cards, for example. One way to boost your business you might not think of, however, is to use door hangers.

Reach Your Customers

Door hangers are an unconventional way to reach your prospective customers. However, they are eye-catching in a way that other forms of marketing can’t always achieve. When you’re watching TV, you can always try to skip past a commercial or ignore ads on the Internet. Although magazines and newspapers are declining in readership as digital print replaces traditional printing, your customers could still flip through and not see an advertisement for your organization.

Switch Your Focus

Depending on the time of year, you’ll want to reach your customers in different ways. A spring sale is a fantastic  way to shoo out the winter doldrums, while advertising summer specials is another way to draw in business. People will start flocking to the beach, and staying at hotels if they don’t have other arrangements already made. Why not take advantage of this and market your business through custom-printed door hangers left on the door of each hotel room?

If you have an existing business that is about to grow, finding ways to drum up attention for the new location is always worth it. You can also use door hangers to indicate that one in Towson will soon join your Baltimore City location, or that you are opening another location even farther away in Washington DC or Rehoboth Beach.

Customize Your Design

Customizing your design is another huge perk when you decide to use door hangers. You can select the colors, text, images, and special graphics that you want to use in your design. Ultimately, you’ll want to pick ones that will be most appealing to your customers, both new and old.

Save Some Money

Using custom-printed door hangers will save you money. For your small business, consider using these door hangers if you are targeting a particular neighborhood instead of several different areas all at once.

Let Time Printers Create Your Custom-Printed Door Hangers

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