How Are Offset Printing and Digital Printing Different?

Offset Printing

What’s right for you, offset printing or digital printing? Each has its benefits.

What are the needs of your next printing job? Is it a large job or will you only need about 25 to 50 pieces printed? The two types of printing, offset and digital, are both great options but shine brighter in different applications. If you know the difference, then you’ll be able to determine which technique will better suit the needs and requirements of your project. Here is a rundown of the differences between digital and offset printing.

Offset Printing

Plates are used in the offset printing process. The plates are usually made from aluminum and allow images to be transferred onto a piece of rubber known as a blanket. From there, the image is rolled onto paper to create the printed document. This technique is called offset because of how the process does not directly place ink onto the paper. Some of the advantages of offset printing include handling large quantity print jobs, cost efficiency, and the large variety of paper types that can be used. It also allows for the use of custom inks and metallic.

Digital Printing

Digital printing gets its name from the use of large printers and liquid ink. They are best for use with smaller print jobs and allow much more variety than offset printing. The advantages of digital printing are lower setup costs and variable data when it comes to printing addresses, names, and numbering systems. In addition, as technology continues to advance, digital printing will continue to become more efficient and offer higher quality. Although it may seem like a disadvantage, digital printing is much more efficient for smaller printing jobs, particularly up to 50 pieces.

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