Paper Products You Will Need for Your Wedding Ceremony

Paper Products You Will Need for Your Wedding Ceremony

There are going to be more paper products that you’ll need to have, even if you don’t want it to become overwhelming.

Even if your wedding is still five months away, you need all the time you can to prepare properly. Considering what you need before the wedding and on the day itself isn’t enough. There are going to be more paper products that you’ll need to have, even if you don’t want it to become overwhelming. Here is some more information in case you didn’t get it before.

For the Ceremony

Vow Books: Beaten up papers and notes saved on a smartphone aren’t going to cut it. In this case, you should prepare a spectacular-looking vow book. The photographer will be sure to capture all of the emotion in a picture that will stand the test of time, so you can look back with fondness or embarrassment any time you want. Plus, they make a fantastic memento from what should be one of the happiest days of your life.

Signs: Signs are essential. You shouldn’t ditch them even if you think you can do without them. Signs can indicate where VIPs will sit and tell people where to go once they arrive at the venue, mainly if you use an easel or larger media that is easier to spot in a crowded place.

Flower Bags: Flowers are always a good omen at a wedding, and it’s not just because of the tradition involving the bride and the bouquet toss!

Meaningful Readings: Meaningful readings are also critical, whether they come from a shared book that both partners cherish or a religious text that is important to both families.

Thank You Cards: Thanking everyone who attends is a must!

Programs: Programs are also a must for making sure everyone knows what’s going on and won’t miss out on any of the fun!

For the Reception

Escort Cards: Escort cards tell everyone where they should sit when it comes to the tables, whether or not they are part of a couple.

Seating and Place Cards: Tables also need settings indicating where everyone sits once they get there.

Menus: Describe what will be offered, no matter which meal is served, and include allergen information.

For the Photographer

On this day of celebrating love and togetherness, don’t leave the photographer out! Your wedding day is going to be a milestone you’ll want to remember for years to come, so slighting your photographer will leave you with poorly-captured memories. That’s why you should include vow books, scripted vows, and notes from the bride to the groom and vice versa for them. Providing other items such as an untouched copy of the wedding invitation suite, the save the date, a program, and the menu and place cards from the reception are also necessary.  

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