Powerful Ideas for Promotional Tools That’ll Kickstart Your Restaurant’s Business

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So if you need to jumpstart your flagging restaurant business, lean on these promotional tools!

While the COVID-19 pandemic has stubbornly refused to die down, more and more rays of hope have begun to break through the clouds of gloom around us. For many eateries, exclusively outdoor dining proved to be a logistical nightmare. So if you need to jumpstart your flagging restaurant business, lean on these promotional tools!

Custom-Made Drink Coasters

When your restaurant features a highly popular bar area, you’ll want to make sure nothing stains the surfaces. That’s one of the reasons why drink coasters are often handed out with each beverage. Make your mark with some flashy custom-made drink coasters. Bulk orders of these nifty little inventions could end up being more beneficial than you expected!

Highly Visible Vinyl Banners

Another intriguing idea that you might not have thought of before is to use banners. We are proud to say that one of the most valuable products we can provide are some highly visible vinyl banners. These promotional tools are certainly eye-catching. Besides, suppose your pub or bar or restaurant is tucked into a crowded strip mall with various other businesses such as grocery stores, thrift shops, and bakery-cafes. In that case, banners will help your establishment stand out. 

Novelty Shot Glasses 

Novelty shot glasses don’t have to be beach souvenir shop items anymore. Put these promotional tools to use by stamping your logo on them. Doing so will help build brand associations in the minds of your patrons. 

Custom Stadium Cups 

Yes, custom stadium cups do make a difference. Besides, think about your location for a minute – thirsty customers will probably be drawn in after a baseball game. Stadium prices are usually quite high, but you can make that an advantage for your burgeoning bar or struggling restaurant. 

Customized Mugs 

While we’re on the subject of custom-designed drinkware, why not invest in some quirky mugs? These mugs provide a slice of indirect marketing. Why?  Because your customers will be thinking about them every time they have a cup of coffee or a spot of tea at home to help them get through their day!

Unique Business Cards

Finally, we’d like to talk to you about business cards. In the age of Covid, reducing touchpoints has become increasingly important. Even after the virus has been contained and the public health emergency behind us, that same sort of ethos will remain in place. We realize that this sounds like bad news, but it doesn’t have to be! With the right card stock and graphic design touches, these could prove to be real money-spinners!

Let Time Printers Assist You with Your Upcoming Promotional Tool Needs for the Rest of 2021!

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