Professional Catalogue Design and Printing

Catalogue DesignSince a young age we were taught a very simple lesson by our parents. It went something like this: “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Sorry, mom! Every day, we as humans make snap judgments based on appearance alone. It is just the way we are wired. This is especially true when shopping.

“The big idea here is that perceptual processes happen in the brain in parallel with economic value computations and thus influence how economic decisions are made,” said Milica Mormann, a researcher at the California Institute of Technology.

In layman’s terms, we make purchasing decisions based on two factors: price and visual appeal. If a product, its packaging, or even its catalogue is unattractive, people will be less likely to buy your product, no matter how good it may be.

Professional Catalogue Design and Printing

Time Printers is a family full service printing products and services business. With our quality printing products, quick turn around and outstanding customer service, your business advertising cannot go wrong. Our graphic designers will walk you through the entire catalogue design process, helping you display your goods and services in an attractive manner. We can help attract potential clients and influence purchasing decisions.

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The Benefits of Good Catalogue Design

Despite today’s technologically-driven business community, many companies still rely on good, old fashioned catalogues to help them advertise their products and/or services. Investing in professional catalogue design can benefit your business immensely, helping to promote your products or services in an aesthetically pleasing way. Benefits include:

  1. If your catalogue is professionally designed and professional, you can easily distribute it to potential customers directly, to distributers to display in their offices, or at trade shows, to give your company a lot of positive exposure.
  2. If your catalogue is professionally designed and able to get your message across, it will result in high quality leads.
  3. If your catalogue is professionally designed and visually appealing, it will help further your brand.
  4. And So Much More!

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