Promote Your Brand With Print Advertising

Time Printers Incorporated Print AdvertisingThere are those who believe that print is obsolete and that only digital advertising counts, but they are mistaken. Marketing and promotion are essential components of any business advertising plan, and while digital advertising is crucial, print advertising is also an important aspect. Depending on your business, some types of print advertising may be more beneficial than others. Here are three types of print advertising that you should consider incorporating into your marketing strategy to promote your brand.

Business Cards

In this digital age, business cards continue to be a popular form of print advertising. However, electronic business cards may require QR codes and phones to activate them. The primary purpose of a business card is for someone to keep it with them until they require your information. Therefore, it’s essential to create a well-designed card that has all the necessary information but isn’t overwhelming or cluttered. Business cards are worth investing in, and you can choose from various styles and designs to make them stand out, especially when ordering in bulk for significant events or campaigns.


Printed brochures are a cost-effective and simple way to advertise products or services. They can effectively promote your specific offerings with a balance of style and informative text, without overwhelming readers. To make a high-quality brochure, ensure that it includes relevant images and is printed on quality paper with a good print finish. Brochures are often kept by readers for future reference, making them a valuable source of information on specific topics, products, services or events.


In various industries, booklets serve different purposes. Some businesses use them to narrate their company’s story, while others utilize them as a program guide at events. Regardless of the use, it’s essential that booklets are durable, visually appealing, and made from high-quality materials to guarantee longevity. Additionally, design aspects must be taken into account, and it’s important to meet these requirements.

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