Proper Etiquette When Sending Graduation Announcements

Graduation Announcements

With how accustomed we are to text messages and emails, it’s easy to forget proper etiquette when mailing something like a graduation announcement.

With how accustomed we are to text messages and emails, it’s easy to forget proper etiquette when mailing something like a graduation announcement.

It may seem unnecessary to send graduation announcements to friends and family who already know about the big day, but following etiquette will help you keep track of the guest list. It’s also important for the younger generations to learn invitation etiquette for when they get married and for holiday correspondence.  

Sending Graduation Announcements

Before you can decide on the perfect design for graduation announcements, you need to create a list on who is going to be notified of the graduation. From family members to classmates, there is a long list of people who you will want to share in your big day. Narrowing down the list can be difficult, however, and you don’t want to forget anyone important. The general rule of thumb is that if you wouldn’t send a holiday card to someone, then you probably shouldn’t send him or her a graduation announcement. It’s also important to order a few extra announcements and keep them on hand, as you may forget someone in your initial list or run into an acquaintance you have not seen for a long time right before the graduation.

Timing of Graduation Announcements

When you send a graduation announcement will depend on the information you provide on the announcement itself. If you just want to let individuals know that someone has graduated, then you can generally send announcements out within four weeks after the date. Sometimes you may have older relatives or friends who won’t be able to make a ceremony or party, but they still like to feel involved. If the announcement provides specific dates and times for ceremonies and celebrations after the ceremony, then you want announcements to reach recipients at least two weeks before the ceremony.

Information to Include on Graduation Announcements

Etiquette dictates that there is certain information that you must include on your graduation announcement. Make sure to include a full name and not just a nickname, the graduation year, the name of the high school or college and the actual date of the graduation itself. It’s also a nice touch to include a personal note with each announcement. Also, it’s very important to supply the return address on the envelope as well.

Even with the advancement in instantaneous communication in today’s society, graduation announcements will never go out of style!

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