Do Startups Need Marketing Materials?

Marketing Materials

Your new business may need certain kinds of marketing materials to really take off.

Having your own business may sound like a dream come true, but it certainly isn’t easy. Startup companies are founded on a few things–a good idea, good people, a good source of initial income, and a good way to get the word out. The fact is, a business being successful can often make or break the entire company. If you’re working on getting your own startup ready, you’ll definitely need the proper marketing materials to get the word out. Sure, social media is a great first step to take, but nothing beats the good old fashioned feeling of proper printed marketing materials.


Brochures are an old tried and true method of disseminating information. They’re great for displaying goods and services and can be very image-centric, letting you really get the word out there. If your startup is intricate and difficult to explain, a brochure may be the best way to get those ideas across to potential customers. They’re great for trade shows or events where you may be showing off your product or service but need a way to let people know more.

Flyers and Newsletters

Flyers and newsletters are an easy way to get the word out for your local business. At Time Printers, we know how to make these marketing materials at an affordable price. Your startup is spending so much money already so it’s good to cut costs where you can. By working with Time Printers, you’ll definitely get the best quality flyers and newsletters at a competitive price. These are great for specific events and we can work in constrained time frames as well.

Postcards and Business Cards

Postcards and business cards are essential for a new startup. It’s a tangible form of marketing that shows evidence of your business growing and doing well. If you’re looking for investors, they’re going to take you much more seriously if you have professional looking business cards to represent yourself. This is super important for networking so be sure to look into postcards and business cards and present yourself the way you really want to!

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Time Printers is here to offer your business whatever printed materials you need to succeed.

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