The Importance of Consistent Branding and Logos

The Importance of Consistent Branding and Logos

At some point, your business will likely need to rebrand. Part of this effort involves creating fresh logos to reflect that change.

At some point, your business will likely need to rebrand. Part of this effort involves creating fresh logos to reflect that change. Whether there has been a location change, new leadership, or external events that could bring bad publicity to your long-established company name, these are all valid reasons for wanting to change your brand’s identity

Why Do You Want to Change?

The guiding question for this entire process involves honesty. Be honest with yourself: why do you want to change the branding and logos in the first place? For one, the logo and other brand materials could be outdated because they don’t reflect who you are from a business standpoint anymore. It could also look unprofessional, and you don’t want to drive away potential new customers. If the logo doesn’t meet your expectations or if you hold it is holding you back, then it could be time to make a change. 

Differences: Refreshing

There is a difference between refreshing your logo and redesigning it. A refresh could be in the cards if your target audience cherishes your current logo design too much. This is a weighty consideration for many organizations, from universities to sports teams. Changing up the font, adding new accent colors, making the logo cleaner and more straightforward, and adding some shine can all help the logo look better than it did before.

Differences: Redesigning

However, in some cases, such as legal action or petitions, these situations may spur you to implement a complete redesign of your logo instead. This gives you the chance to go back to the drawing board and start anew, taking into consideration what your internal graphic design team recommends, along with suggestions from the PR department, and input from the wider community. 

The Budgeting Phase 

The next part of the process of rebranding your assets involves tightening the budget. Supplemental items such as business cards, flyers, websites, outdoor signs, and convention banners will all need to be updated, and that will take time and money to execute.

Nailing the Launch

When it’s time to roll out the launch of the new brand, you will want to do everything you can to make it stand out in a crowded field. Don’t risk confusing your audience. Social media updates help, as do email newsletters, press releases, and even launch parties.

Let Time Printers Help With Your Design

Whether you know already how your marketing materials should look or you want further advice, Time Printers is here to help. We service all of Baltimore, Hunt Valley, and Towson. Our team of professionals can tackle all of your questions. Give us a call at 410-566-3005 and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn for tips and to see what we have been working on and what we can do for you.

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