The Importance of High Quality Images in Your Printed Advertisements

The Importance of High Quality Images in Your Printed Advertisements

Prospective customers or clients may scroll past your text post or flip past your printed advertisements unless a high-quality image catches their eye.

Today, advertising and media hinge on the visual more than anything else. Prospective customers or clients may scroll past your text post or flip past your printed advertisement unless a high-quality image catches their eye. And making sure that your pictures and graphics are high-quality is hugely important. After all while, a picture says a thousand words about your business, with a poor-quality picture all those words are bad.

Visual Appeal

A large block of text without any pictures is not visually appealing. Today’s audiences spend most of their time on social media, where words and images work together, with images carrying a lot of the load. Whether your printed advertisements are going on social media or not, including an image plays to the audience’s expectations, increases the visual appeal of your content or promotional items, and makes your post or ad much more likely to be noticed.


When customers see your actual employees and business in your promotional images, it increases their connection to your business. For many, seeing these images is like getting a behind-the-scenes look at the business. You could even offer actual behind-the-scenes images to connect with your customers further, by showing your process and day-to-day operations. This connection will benefit you in the long run, much more than the time you’d save by using stock images from a website (especially one that other businesses might also choose). Take the time to take pictures every day, and at every corporate event or meeting, so that you have lots of possibilities to choose from and you can find the right image when you need it.


Use the images that you include in your marketing to tell a story about your business that you want your customers to know. Maybe it is the family atmosphere and closeness of your employees, or perhaps it is a commitment to diversity that you embrace by hiring a wide range of people. Whatever it is, you can show it in the images you choose and showing that side to your customers could give your business a boost.


Your Products

Great photos are an ideal way to showcase your product. Instead of using a generic cake picture to highlight your bakery business, try including a photo of one of your actual designs. Instead of a generic picture of someone tailoring a suit, use a picture of your actual employee measuring and fitting someone. Highlight the things that are real and special that your business offers to drive new business to your door.


Let Time Printers Handle Your Marketing Needs

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