The Letterhead’s Role in Marketing

An important part of marketing is brand exposure. The more you can get your brand out there, in as many forms as possible, the better. Research has proven that we unconsciously store brand logos, labels, and slogans in our memory, and the more exposure the better. Having a professionally-designed letterhead adds to that exposure, and has a big impact on brand exposure.


A well-designed, professional letterhead will successfully increase your brand exposure.

We still use traditional mail and letters for a lot of things. College acceptance letters, job offers, statements, and any communication considered important and better-received on paper. Letters are still a very predominant method of communication in Baltimore for significant material.

Learn how a professionally-designed letterhead can help with marketing you and/or your business.

Using Letterheads as a Marketing Tool

Part of marketing is establishing brand exposure with your target audience, and all the people your business communicates with. As previously mentioned, the more your company’s logo and slogan are seen, the more likely people are to remember it. And if they remember it, when they need a product or service you provide, they remember to go to you first for those needs.

Letterheads boost brand exposure by including images or text that defines your business. Usually, it contains the following:

  • Your company’s logo
  • Your company’s name
  • A slogan (not always—this depends on the company)
  • An eye-catching design that fits with your company

These are the elements that make a good letterhead a product on its own for brand recognition. Letterhead designs should be creative, suited to your business, and not too cluttered or loud. The best way to make sure your letterhead is successfully marketing your company is to have it designed by a professional.letterhead-marketing-baltimore

Professionals know how to design a letterhead for the best functionality. They know how to use colors, fonts, images, patterns, and many other elements in the best combination to represent your company. And they should—after all, it is their job!

When designed correctly, your letterhead will play a big role in brand exposure for you or your business. Especially for the Baltimore metropolitan area, there’s nothing more important then getting your brand out there!

Is Your Letterhead Marketing Your Company Effectively?

Your letterhead is a marketing tool that is often looked over, but an excellent way to increase brand exposure. However, if it’s poorly designed, or not suited to your company image, it won’t be functional for this purpose. Luckily, there are printing businesses out there with the expertise to design an eye-catching letterhead—like Time Printers.

Time Printers is local to the Baltimore metropolitan area, and also servicing DC and Virginia, they have the experience and knowledge to design a truly memorable letterhead.

Click HERE to request a quote, or give us a call at (410) 566-3005 to ask about letterheads today!

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