Tips for Creating a Funeral Program

Tips for Creating a Funeral Program

So if the job of creating the funeral program has fallen to you, here are some design tips to get you started.

Planning a funeral is never an easy experience, and even the most prepared families haven’t discussed the funeral program. It’s a small piece of the event, but you still want it to be perfect – for the loved one you’re remembering and their grieving friends and family. So if the job of creating the funeral program has fallen to you, here are some design tips to get you started.

The Cover

It’s important to have a good, high-quality image for the front of the funeral program. A professional photo from a photo studio is best, but if you don’t have that, opt for at least a head shot. Don’t use a grainy, low-res photo – it will make the whole program look bad. If nothing else, try to find a picture where the deceased is the focus, and there are few (preferably no) other people.

The Fonts

Be careful when choosing the fonts for your funeral program. Any special or fancy fonts should be reserved for titles or headings. The general text of the program should be legible and easy to read. In addition to the font, you can also change text size and color to add extra emphasis. As with all your design decisions, don’t overdo the fancy fonts. Try to choose one or two and use it throughout.

Interior Images

The interior of the program should be a mix of text and photos. This is the best place to include photos of family members or photos of the deceased interacting with other people. You can also include clip art (like a cross or a bird) if it pertains to the person’s faith or interests. Clip art can also be a way to tie the funeral program to other material like the prayer cards. If you have to choose between photos and clip art, the photos will always make it more personal.

Other Design Elements

Depending on the software you’re using to create the program, you might have many design elements available to you. Almost all of them will include a way to create frames. The frame could be an actual frame that can surround any photos or special text you want to highlight. It could also be a shape that the image fills, like an oval on the cover. Other design elements you can consider are borders at the top or bottom of the page and page numbers. Whatever you include, make sure the design and style are consistent throughout the book.

Let Time Printers Create Your Funeral Programs

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