Tips For Creating The Perfect Funeral Program For Your Loved One

The death of a friend or a family member can be a tough time. One of the best ways we often celebrate the lives of those who have passed away is through a funeral. More specifically, a nicely constructed funeral program is the perfect way to commemorate your loved one. This item is essential because it coincides with what many consider the final celebration of life.


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Use these funeral printing tips for your programs.

Today, many people use funeral programs to celebrate loved ones at funerals. These programs often serve as a keepsake and are typically given to guests. They don’t have to be elaborate or lengthy, but you should hone in on critical details like the type of paper used or the specific fonts. Lastly, a funeral program should highlight the high points of that particular individual’s life.

For more tips on creating the proper funeral program, check out the following information below.

The Order of Service Should be in Your Funeral Program

Typically, the order of service is one of the more common things in a program. These are a series of events written out in chronological order. The order of service also shows who is delivering the eulogy. It also may show any scheduled musical performances. Depending on the type of service, songs usually adhere to the deceased’s religion. Scripture readings are also included within the order of service. This section also shows details regarding events following the funeral.

The Background of Your Funeral Program Matters

The cover photo should inspire you when creating your program. Many people often opt for some image-based background. Photo collages are always lovely because you can include all sorts of pictures throughout the deceased’s life. On the cover, you can also incorporate more personalization. If the person who died had a favorite photo, it would be nice to include it.

Seek The Help of A Professional

Some individuals often use home printers that don’t have the capabilities to print visibly clear images. Many other individuals do not own a printer. For help crafting the perfect funeral program, read here about specific materials to include when planning a funeral.

Include Personal Details

These details are helpful when crafting your funeral program. This section is where you should entail the departed’s the full name and the service’s time, date, and place. You should also include the names and various relationships with the surviving family. This area is where you can also list details such as any hobbies, unique talents, and personality traits of the deceased.

Get Multiple Eyes on Your Program

After completing the drafting of your funeral program, you should ask other people to review it and add their input. Preferably someone who knew the deceased well enough to include details that might be missing. Checking for typos, misspelled words, and grammatical issues is a good practice when reviewing a document like a funeral program.

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