Tips for Printing Wedding Invitations

Tips for Printing Wedding Invitations

When it comes to organizing your wedding, don’t overlook your wedding invitations.

When it comes to organizing your wedding, don’t overlook your wedding invitations. Wedding invitations are one of the most important steps – none of your other preparations will matter if no one knows where to go! An invitation is the first thing your friends and family will see, and many will keep them as mementos hung on the fridge or tucked in albums. All the more reason to make sure they shine without breaking the bank. Luckily, Time Printers is here to help you navigate making the best first impression while saving plenty of money for a cake upgrade.

It’s What’s Inside That Counts

When it comes to invitations the age-old adage rings true, the envelope will wind up in the recycling bin. Rather than investing in the time-consuming labor of fancy calligraphy, have the addresses printed. This technique ensures your invitations will be done quicker and with less room for mistakes. With the exterior simplified, consider looking into a higher quality paper stock for the actual invites.  

Save On Mailing

An easy way to cut down on your invitation costs is to keep the extras to a minimum. If you’re inclined to add more than just the invite and RSVP you may want to consider additional options. Photos and maps, while beautiful, can be as effective posted on a wedding website. Additionally, by using a smaller sized RSVP card, think postcard size or smaller, you can save on the return postage.

Keep Colors Simple And Sleek

By using a limited color palette, you can create a dramatic and elegant wedding invitation while keeping your printing costs low. Sticking to one or two colors will be the most optimal. If you would rather go with a full-color invitation, consider keeping the RSVP cards and additional inserts minimal.  Doing this will ensure your invitation budget is best spent.  

Don’t Print Too Early

While wedding invitations seem like one of the easier things to get out of the way, we recommend that you not send them out more than six weeks in advance. Not only can you use the extra time to proofread, but you’ll give yourself a buffer in case of any changes. If you have to change venues or dates you’ll be thankful you don’t have to pay for a second printing.  

Get Your Dream Wedding Invitations With Time Printers

Save time and energy on your wedding invitations by trusting your business with Time Printers. Our affordable print marketing tools and experienced professionals will make sure you get beautiful, memorable invitations your guests will cherish for years to come.

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