How to Use Promotional T-Shirts to Promote Your Business

Emotional friends

Everyone loves t-shirts! And that’s why they’re so critical to building your brand.

Customers tend to prefer brand development approaches that are humanistic and down-to-earth. Making your company seem like a group of people and not just a faceless corporation is a great way to inspire repeat business. It’s not as easy as it sounds however. There are a few great ways to establish yourself as a company worth doing business with, and we’re here to talk about one of our favorite ways: promotional t-shirts!

Two Birds, One Stone

The beauty of using promotional t-shirts as a marketing strategy works two-fold. For starters, people love t-shirts. Giving them away or even charging money for them results in people getting an item of clothing they want. It’s exciting for a lot of customers. On top of that, it’s more marketing for you. Your name gets out there because people are going to walk around with your logo branded on their clothing. It’s a win-win scenario!

Raffles and Giveaways

Aside from selling your own t-shirts, you can also use them as promotional items. Encourage business by starting raffles that are dependent upon business to enter, for example, you get another entry every time you make a purchase. Promotional t-shirts are a cost-effective prize to give out for these raffles. You get to spread your name while also making your customers feel like winners, and that means everyone’s a winner.

Launch ‘Em At Folks!

No, seriously! Having an event? Get a t-shirt launcher and use them to give your customers what they want: free stuff! It’s a great way to get people pumped and they’ll definitely remember your business every time they look at their shirt in the mirror. T-shirt giveaways are both engaging and fun.

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