Use These Helpful Ideas When Creating Holiday Postcards

Time Printers Business PostcardsPostcards can be sent directly to existing and potential customers, and they rely on something other than the recipient opening them to grab their attention. Additionally, postcards are often less expensive to mail than flyers or brochures. If you’re considering using postcards to promote your business or upcoming deals, here are some design tips to help you get started.

Strategic Use Of Color

A postcard with a black-and-white color scheme can be more attention-grabbing than the colorful marketing materials we see everywhere. To make it even more striking, choose a visually appealing black-and-white image and add colored text that stands out. This will increase the chances of catching people’s attention.

Implement The Elements Of The Season

Consider using the season in which you plan to send out your postcards as inspiration for your content. For instance, your bakery could showcase your specialty pumpkin donuts or football-inspired cupcakes during the fall on your postcards. Similarly, during the spring, your catering business could include photographs of graduation parties in your postcards. If you plan to use postcards during the holiday season, consider incorporating a theme in your postcard design.

Include a Call-To-Action

When designing a postcard, it’s important to remember that the card should not only catch the recipient’s eye but also encourage them to take Action. To achieve this, ensure your design includes a call to Action, such as “Visit our website for more designs” or “Come in to taste the wedding cake flavors we offer!” Calls to Action that convey a sense of urgency, such as “Summer weekends book quickly, please call to schedule your event today!” often prompt a more significant response. Still, they are limited to a specific time of year. 

To further incentivize potential customers, consider including a special deal or promo related to the card, such as a discount code. This will increase the likelihood of people contacting you and help you measure the effectiveness of your postcard marketing efforts.

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